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Clearing Your Record

Clear Your Record. Get on With Your Life.

Background checks are standard procedure in almost every employment situation, education enrollment, rental application and request for government assistance. A clean record is important to your well being. The Texas Legislature has been gradually expanding your right to eliminate and prevent access to your criminal records.

Many individuals misunderstand when they are told that a particular case will not appear on their record if they successfully complete a deferred adjudication probation. A record of conviction may not exist BUT a record of your case and the fact that you received a deferred adjudication WILL continue to exist. However, you may be entitled to prevent the record of your deferred from being disclosed to public data searches if the appropriate motions are filed.

Another common misconception is when a person is told their case is dismissed. Dismissal does not mean removed from the criminal database. But it could mean that you qualify for an expunction.

Maybe you were arrested and charges have never been officially filed. Again, those records are accessible unless you exercise your rights and have them removed.

The Law Office of Randall Scott can complete a public data search and evaluate whether any of these options are applicable to your situation AND PERMANENTLY CLEAR YOUR RECORD !