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Traffic Tickets

Over Thirty Years of Ticket Defense.

Do not underestimate the consequences that traffic tickets can have on your life. Traffic tickets can subject you to license suspensions; Department of Public Safety surcharges, over and above court costs; and can impact your insurance rates and insurability. Depending on your line of work, traffic tickets can cost you an existing job or future employment opportunities. If you fail to timely resolve a traffic ticket, you could be subjected to arrest and all that is incidental to the embarrassment , inconvenience and additional costs associated with your arrest.

Ensure the best possible outcome with experienced legal assistance. For over thirty years, The Law Office of Randall Scott has helped define the practice of traffic ticket defense. We make personal appearances throughout Dallas, Denton and Collin counties and handle many more courts by mail. If we cannot handle your case, we often have an attorney referral we can share with you.

Options, procedures and services vary depending on jurisdiction, but our fees are always reasonable. Payment plans are available. If you need to fight your case, our firm has handled hundreds of trials. Recognized by his peers for his understanding of the law, Randall Scott is a frequent speaker at legal seminars, educating judges and attorneys across the state.